Transforming our lives while transforming others lives through Real Estate

  • Faith, Family, then Business 

Our business is here to support our faith and family.  They are never in the way of our business. It is the reason for our businesses existence. We work towards solutions to achieve abundance in our faith and family..  

  • We are in pursuit of “Exceptional”

We are not here to be one of the many.  The goal is to be the hands down the “Real Estate Team of Choice”.  All others pale in comparison. We are the best value and look to create the “Wow!” experience for all who interact with our team. We effectively tell our story of our wins of being “Exceptional”

  • Committed to being Intentional and Clearly Focused

Everyone on our team is committed to a clear goal as well as a clear plan to achieve those goals.  We regularly check in as to our progress and act in integrity to the pursuit of these goals through accountability.

  • People First, Real Estate second

We support the dreams and goals of people through Real Estate.  The wake of our practice is positive impact of all those we touch. Every transaction we do,  we ask ourselves “Did we start with the person first”

  • Team

We are a Team Environment with a pursuit of working smooth and seamless through defining of process, following the process, measuring success and constant communications.  Each person understands their part as a piece of the whole. Every position and task has a backup in order to support Faith, family then Business.

“Transforming Lives Through Real Estate”



To work as a team to ensure a smooth and seamless transaction from start to finish.

To exceed expectations by being solution-based.

To make every effort to be proactive and limit surprises.

To provide exceptional service by being honest, loyal, understanding and attentive.

To guarantee each client receives such an outstanding experience that they always think of and recommend The Myrick Estates Team to friends and family 



We are committed to always exceeding our client’s’ expectations 


Our Goal

To be the superior REAL ESTATE SOLUTION through our pursuit of Exceptional