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  • Looking at Homes During Shelter in Place

        COVID-19 has brought with it a great deal of challenges on how it affected our economy, specifically to the Real Estate Market. Due to its contagious nature, governments on the local and national scene were forced to issue Shelter in Place orders while scientists try to figure out a way to stop the […]

  • Brokers allowed to show occupied homes under certain restrictions

    On May 4th,2020 Santa Clara County allowed showings of occupied properties with certain restrictions. This has effectively increased the available inventory of homes by 100%. Right before the “Shelter in Place” restrictions where imposed, 40% of the properties for sale where vacant. That number increased to over 50% after SIP restrictions due to homeowners moving […]

  • San Jose City Counsel Freezes Rent Increases until the end of the year.

    In an effort to give relief for those who are struggling in today’s “Shelter in Place” environment, The San Jose City Counsel has frozen rents until the end of the year as shown in the below San Jose Mercury News Article One should not that this does not include Single Family homes and most Newer […]

  • COVID 19 does not change the basic need for housing.

    In my 35 years of selling Real Estate I have experienced the market during the Iraq War, 911, and the 1989 earthquake just to name a few key events that have temporarily effected the market.  When all the short time concern is done,  people still need housing for their changing circumstances. What my grey hair […]

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